If you have ever held a real Thai foot massage, it’s an experience you’ll likely never forget. It is a potent and powerful kind of massage that involves reflexology and other remedial methods to heighten your physical and psychological well being.

Foot massage is one component of the traditional Thai medical system

During a treatment of Thai , not only your feet, but also your legs will be kneaded, and many massage practitioners also end the massage with a head, neck and shoulder massage. The reason for this is that when you had an hour of intensive food work, a lot of energy work is done in that area, and your body reacts to this. But since it’s only your feet, it can be “out of balance”, and paying attention to your upper body helps to balance your energies out in a harmonious way.
During most of the treatment, the massage therapist will employ their hands and fingers to use pressure, rub, pull and stretch, sometimes a wooden stick, or an elbow is too applied.

thai foot massage in Madrid

Foot massage is one component of the traditional Thai medical system. One of the paradigms of traditional medication in Thailand is that there are energies that move throughout the physical structure. If the flow of this energy is obstructed, it can cause imbalances which in turn can manifest themselves in the form of diseases or illness if untreated. In this regard, the medical views of the human body, which people kept in Thailand are similar to those of many other ancient Eastern healing modalities. Thai foot massage is one method to treat these energy imbalances.

In traditional Thai medicine, there are ten main energy lines, called Sen Sib. All of them end in the feet that is why the feet are a very effective method of manipulating these energy lines in order to reestablish a balanced energy state, and thus health. At times, a Thai foot massage can be uncomfortable or even a bit painful because of the pressure that is applied. Many people also do not particularly enjoy the “toe cracking”, when a massage therapist rapidly pulls on your toes to release bubbled in your joint fluid (this is what causes the cracking sound).

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Nevertheless, after you have obtained a good treatment, you will rapidly forget about all the pains and unpleasantness, because it feels as if you are walking on clouds. In Thailand it is considered that internal organs can be induced through the feet, and often times you will indeed experience an immediate change, sometimes in the form of urgent bowel movements. While this might not sound great, it is nonetheless testimony to the potency of this old healing modality.

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