In Malaysia and Indonesia massage is called Pidjet or Urut. It´s historical roots and uses have been primarily as part of folk remedies and midwifery practice. Like the healing arts sytems from other countries of the region (Thailand’s  Nuad Borarn, Burma’s hneit chin, Cambodia’s chap sosai and Korea’s hanpang) it is also practiced by village doctors, found in hospital clinics and urban healing centers, and available to tourists on the beach, on a park bench, or in the privacy of their hotel rooms. (from: The History of Massage: An illustrated survey from around the World, Robert Noah Calvert)

Pidjet or Pijat Balinese massagePijat Bali, Pidjet or Pitjit is a traditional Indonesian massage shape, and very pure and intense.
The massage was and is transferred from Parents to child. This occurs in almost all Indonesian families. In Indonesian family life, Pidjet is used as an informal home remedy for illness or general fatigue.  For example small children may “Pitjit” their father by walking gently over his aching back to massage away the aches and pains after a hard day’s work.

Pijat remains a vibrant part of Indonesian culture and lifestyle today. Because Indonesia is an kingdom with a diverse population, there are various forms and techniques of Pijat or Pidjet depending on the culture and geographical location of the practitioner.

Pijat at Xiao Ying’s Center in Madrid for Well-Being is a strong massage that is given with feeling, and quick consecutive thumb on thumb technique. However, it can also be very relaxing, the pressure can be reduced. During the Pidjet there can be made use of hot compresses, cupping or Keroh (scraping with a copper coin or a guasha jade stone). Pidjit is a distinct form of massage and therefore has nothing to do with sex.

The traditional Pijat Balinese massage is quite frequently prescribed for sports injuries, stiff and aching joints, easing migraine, headaches, insomnia, chronic and acute breathing conditions due to asthma or allergies, for boosting blood circulation and the lymphatic system, as well as alleviating stress and helping to ease anxiety and depression.

Xiao Ying Pidjet massage at Madrid

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