Traditional Thai Healing Nuad Boran

Nuad Boran is the ancient (boran) body therapy of the Thai culture and medical thai traditions consisting in precise applied healing pressures (nuad).
From Indo-Chinese origins, Nuad Boran bodywork is part of the traditional medical arts of the ancient kingdom of Siam.

nuad boran ancient thai massage

styles of Nuad Boran from North (Chiang Mai) to South (Bangkok) and in the West (Issan)

Nuad Boran consists of combination of the customer’s stretching while the practitioner applies simultaneous pressures, using different parts of his body, thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet within particular procedures and rhythms inducing a meditative states.

Functional principles of Nuad Boran are shared with other Asian healing arts. However Nuad Boran focuses especially on the movement of the Blood along the Myo-fascial lines (the Sen-Sib) and trigger points.

Nuad Boran’s domain of competence ranges, accordingly to practitioner skills, from the well-being, to preventive health care and symptomatic treatment of the Myo-fascial tensions for pain relief.

Nuad Boran, also known as Nuad Rak Sa, has two main branches:

  • Nuad Raj Sam Nak or Rachasamnak, transmitted by codified knowledge from the traditional doctors of the court of the ancient Kingdoms of Siam, Ayutthaya and Sukkothai, consists of strict accupressure.  The massage is soft, delicate and precise. The therapist usually we only use the hands as a sign of respect for the Kings. In turn, working on only three positions: Lying on back (supine), Lying Side (lateral position), Sitting upright.
  • Nuad Cha Loye Sak or Chaleeysak, literally «Pressure in honour of prisoners», generaly known as «common massage» consists of protocols of pressures, streching and ostéopathic mobilisations operated with practitioner’s thumbs, palms, elbows, knees or feet .This branch was mostly transmitted by oral tradition.

The Public Health Ministry of Thailand/Institute of the traditional and Alternative Medicines has published decrees that stipulates that the two branches have to be part of the Nuad Boran Qualified Practitioner Training.

They are several styles of Nuad Boran from North (Chiang Mai) to South (Bangkok) and in the West (Issan, region of northeastern Thailand located along the Mei Kong river). Therefore, there is not such a thing as one best way in Nuad Boran.

Self Healing

Nuad Boran encourages a powerful process of recuperation. The assisted yoga poses, stretches and openings of this bodywork create space between vertebrae balancing the nervous system. Any stored physical or emotional tension blocking energy flow is released.
Nuad Boran balances the activity of the autonomic nervous system and alleviates symptoms of pain. Nuad Boran provides you with a new and profound body experience. It activates all physically inherent self-healing mechanisms.

In Thailand, under the leadership and standards of the Institute of the traditional and Alternative Medicines, many Thai-associations are collecting traditional knowledge from ancient texts and country healers (Moe Mueang) and so contribute to the Revival and uplifting of Nuad Boran Thai.

Nuad Boran Thai

The God King Rama receiving traditional Nuad Raj Sam Nak, Thai Yoga Massage.